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Car Tinting

Air Cool car window tinting services is the most trusted car window tint specialist in Puchong area. We guaranteed the best price for car window film & tinting. Visit our tint-shop today to get best offer!

As Malaysian, you spend a lot of time in your vehicle either as a driver or passenger. In our hot climate, car window tinting and windscreens is almost compulsory to protect ourselves from excessive heat and UV exposure while driving. But not all car tinting films are the same! A bad car window tinting or film, you could suffer:

  • Fading of interior surfaces
  • Cracking of leather seats
  • Excessive glare, making driving difficult or dangerous
  • Excessive glare can even damage eyes over time
  • Uncomfortably hot from the sun’s heat
  • Skin burning under the sun’s rays

So, a good news for you, Air Cool Automotive Tinting Films are manufactured with the most advanced Nanotechnology and the highest quality UV blocking materials in the world, hence we are able to block 99.9% UV rays and up to 99% rejection of infrared (IR) transmission to keep your car stay cool.

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Building Window Film

Air Cool has been providing the best house and office window tinting services & window film in Malaysia since Year 2002. Well-known for our superior product quality, our product has been receiving multiple awards and featured by mainstream media such as The Star, RTM & Media Prima.

We provide a wide range of solution for building window tinting, including Reflective Tinted Film, Nano Ceramic Film, Frosted Privacy Film and Safety & Security Film. Our superior technology able to block 99.9% UV rays and up to 99% rejection of infrared (IR) transmission to make in-room temperate stay as low as 29 Celsius degree.

Our talented team works hard every day to provide the best services for our customers. Fair prices, superior quality and exceptional customer service are our business motto. Work with us now, get in touch today to receive an the most reasonable quote.

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