Company History

For over a decade, Air Cool has stood heads and shoulders about as one of the industry’s most eminent brand of quality window tinting. Through deployment of superior technology and vast experience, Air Cool constantly re-engineers new possibilities in creating the most advanced tinted window films – based on the care essentials of heat and solar protection for maximum strength, security and comfort.

With a sizeable portfolio of clients, Air Cool has also partnered numerous major corporations to further enhance the total consumer experience. The Air Cool network encompasses over 200 dealers across of nation, ensuring best-in-class reliability and accessibility for all protective film and tinting needs.

Why Choose Us

Using only world-class materials for all their products, Air Cool boasts to having the globe’s best heat insulation film production and heat-rejection rate. Air Cool provides a variety of assorted types of high-quality window film tinting that have a wing range of assorted strengths, according to their customer ‘s preferences. Air Cool assures to catering and offering reliable services:

  • World Class Performance
  • Strict Quality Assurance
  • Durability
  • Clear Visibility
  • Uses The Latest Technology
  • JPJ Compliant
  • Customer-focused Service
  • Tested by SIRIM
  • Warranty

Professionally Skilled
Installation Techniques

Window tinting installation is done only by professionally trained, experienced and skilled staffs. This is to ensure professionalism and efficiency of the final result. We use whole sheets without joint pieces that grant seamless adhesion without scratches-even for extremely curved surfaces to create the perfect, beautiful finishing.

Innovative Installation Techniques

Amidst of the installation process, we ensure that our modus operandi minimizes dismantling car parts, noise, looseness or damage to any of the electronic devices of the car doors.

Hygienic Environment

All installations are carried out in closed-door air-conditioned rooms. This is to prevent any dust and moisture from adhering onto the glass or the window films.

Awards & Achievements

Seizing multiple awards since 2005. Air Cool is recognized as a quality product and service provider. With its customer base of prestigious car owners. Air Cool is a trusted brand that produces high-quality window film tints for all sorts of cars, ranging from easy to difficult in terms of personalized customizations and installations. Together with strong support by established local and international banks. Air Cool became reputable mostly based by word of mouth for its excellent services.

Winning plenty of awards such as the Asia Pacific Golden Brand Products for their growing and leading recognition. Air Cool’s outstanding performance has also attracted well-know local media – TV3, which interviewed at Air Cool in a special television segment back in 2002. Air Cool was also exclusively interviewed by the Federation of Chinese Association in 2006. RTM’s “Voice of Malaysia” in July and August 2007 and the Global Business Magazine in 2007.