With the world's best coating and sputtering facilities, Air Cool retains the best standards and latest window film tints with a diverse range of performing functions and colors to choose from. The rate of faulty tint productions and installations in Air Cool is significantly low. We run our productions at rapid speed, producing products of the best quality at the speed of light. The premium collection ranges from Multilayer Sputter Film, Ceramic Film, Chip Dyed Film and Safety Film - producing up to about 270,000M2. Air Cool uses the latest and most advanced technology for window film tinting with the benefits as follows;

• Outweighing class of performance
• Resolves imbalanced indoor temperatures while maintaining comfort
• Improves fuel efficiency of air conditioners by blocking radiant solar energy
• Durable against discolouring and fading
• Strong heat-rejection performance

Multilayer Sputter Film

Using the latest technology in film coating, Sputtering is an effective type of production method that refers to thin film coating of metallic ingredients in atomic level under vacuum condition. Coated with various metals including rare metallic ingredients, our technology possesses different colors of films with high-quality thermal prevention performances. Sputtering is one of the most ideal production methods as majority of buildings and vehicles around the world use Sputter window films for added protection against heat and resilience.

Nano Ceramic Film

Blocks harmful radiation from ultraviolet and infrared rays radiated by the sun. The Nano Ceramic Film was developed using Air Cool's high independent technology and is the best Nano Ceramic in the world, with between 65% and 75% visible transmittance and blocking 99% of heat. With such high heat-resistance, Nano Ceramic Film users will barely feel the heat effects. The Nano Ceramic Film reflects thermal infrared rays resulting in outstanding heat prevention effect. It also enhances the performance and efficiency of air conditioners by blocking solar radiant energy.

Chip Dyed-Film

Produced using a colored PET chip embedded in the film as opposed to a color coating on the exterior like many low-priced transparent films, our film avoids discoloration since it is coated with a transparent adhesive, using colored polyester film which is granted color by the film's manufacturer. Air Cool film manufacturing is the only company which possesses the manufacturing equipment and technology to produce this type of window film, particularly the PET based film.

Safety Film (5, 8, 15 Mil)

The performance of Safety Films rely solely on the thickness of the film. Thicker films will have a higher breaking point, making it harder for the window to be penetrated. Thickness of Safety Films are measured: (1 Mil = 25 Microns = 0.025 Millimeter). Air Cool provides Safety Films with three different measurements: 5Mil, 8Mil and the highest being 15 Mil.